Katina Faye Mercadante

is an empowerer of empowerers. She helps leaders around world clarify their life’s purpose and unleash their highest potential.

She discovered she was an empowerer of empowerers while living in Kenya at the age of 19, helping indigenous healers manage caseloads of thousands. Since then she’s worked with CEOs, businesspeople, artists, and healers throughout the world.

She also empowers as a film producer and director. Her films have shown at the international TED Talk Conferences, the Oprah Winfrey Network and at various international film festivals. Her commercials have won awards including a Cannes Gold Lion, the Grand Clio, the and the Los Angeles Film Festival Best Narrative Feature Award. In 2015 Katina was nominated for the Directors Guild of America “Directorial Achievement Award.”

She and her partner own a company called “The Mercadantes” which makes short films and commercials through their international representation, Park Pictures. Katina has directed broadcast commercials for clients including Apple, Volkswagen, and Facebook.

Katina is a descendant of the Blackfoot (Aamsskáápipikani) Nation and is a Moon Dancer at Teotihuacan. She was raised as a disciple of Swami Paramahansa Yogananda and educated at Amherst College. She lives between New York City, Northern California, and Eastern Connecticut. See more of her work at www.katinamercadante.com and www.themercadantes.com