Internal Peace Amidst External Chaos: Self-Healing During Trump’s Presidency

The neo-Nazis are marching across our cities, the country is run by an under-qualified liar, and we’re polluting our natural resources with all sorts of poisons (and that’s not to mention threats of nuclear war).

It’s easy to feel helpless or hopeless so I thought I’d put together a few practical action steps we can take right away.

Heal your primary relationships

We’re going to need to be a united front against all the darkness that is being uncovered. That means we need to have strong and unbreakable bonds with our parents, our children, our bosses, our boyfriends, girlfriends, spouses, and friends. Any unfinished business is a key to our personal healing and growth.

Take a look at a few of your relationships that could be healthier, and take a step to making it better. For most of us, this means starting the therapy we’ve been procrastinating on. But it may not need to be a professional, find a person in your life who’s willing and able to listen without judgement and whose feedback you respect. All humans need one another to heal. Find one and work to make your primary bonds as strong and loving as possible.

Heal your body, mind, and spirit

We’re all going to need to be operating at our highest potentials. So take a look at what it is you need to feel better, clearer, and less cluttered, and do it for yourself. Forget the gym or the diet or the goal lists if those just stress you out, instead give yourself permission to take time for activities you actually enjoy, things that make you feel fresh and inspired afterward.

Now more than ever we need to be clear-headed and kind-hearted to take action that makes sense, ie “when they go low, we go high,” as Michelle Obama said. We may need to go very, very high, the lower they go, so make sure you are at your best for the time when you need to mobilize.

Make space for new processes and ideas

The world is changing and so must we. Frustration comes when we don’t allow ourself the opportunities to grow and change with the times. Clear some hours in your week for new activities, even if it’s just introspection or reaching out to a potential new friend. Studies show that grooves form in our brains when we do the same thing over and over, so dislodge some of your old patterns, even if it’s just taking a different route to work. Breaking out of routines, like when we travel, allows our brain more space for intuition, new ideas, and a fresh perspective.

With all the negativity that’s actually happening and all the negative reactions amplifying the negativity, it’s key that you have your wits about you and don’t add to the disasters with more negativity. Keep your mind open and innovative in the small things in your life and slowly we’ll work on bigger and bigger things.

Determine what you care about most about in the world

We can’t all be politicians or journalists or at every protest. We are here to play our role perfectly. So figure out what your role is and in what ways you feel the most invigorated by serving or improving the world around you.By Austin Kleon

Most people I know give back to the world by helping animals. But once you’re a vegetarian and you’ve adopted your pets, try expanding your scope of service to new areas you may not have felt bold enough to in the past. The key is finding something you love to do that helps others. Find this as soon as you can because you are MEANT TO BE DOING IT.  If you really can’t figure it out, ask someone who knew you as a kid. They can tell you what you loved to do.

All the bullshit is perpetuated when we operate based on “shoulds” and “have tos.” The people who clean up the beach? They love being at the beach. The people who teach in poorly-funded schools? They love the feeling of helping children. If your passion is your work and you do it for a living, consider taking on a mentor or donating a percentage of your services to people in need who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford you. We all need to be serving a higher cause besides money and “the man,” so bite off a little bit you can chew today.

It may seem like things are unraveling and darkness is encroaching. But sometimes the light side needs a reason to activate. We are in a country of many evils and inequalities that have been perpetuated since colonists first set foot on this land. There is pain in a purging of toxins, and we seem to be in a process of revealing much of that. While we will all need to engage on a local and national level at some point, we can start with ourselves and our immediate surroundings until we are called forward to serve in a productive and useful way.