My Note to Pro-Lifers: Let’s Do This!

Let’s Get Ready for an Abortion Free World!!

All my anti-abortion people? I’m with you. I don’t like dead babies. I don’t want to kill human babies, or animal babies for that matter. No matter what trimester, what country, what species, nobody wants to kill babies.

So let’s just brainstorm what we, as a country, will have to do to get ready for a world without abortion:

  • We’ll need adequate maternity leave. Like at least 6 months, so that mom and child are emotionally bonded, psychologically stronger, preventing postpartum depression and a whole host of health issues for both mother and child.(1)
  • Once women go back to work, we’ll need federally mandated and regulated childcare so that women have safe places to put their babies while maintaining their careers. It will need to be free so that women can use the money they make at their jobs to house and feed their families instead of spending every last cent on childcare.(2)  (3)
  • We’ll need to legalize breast feeding in public so that women aren’t spending thousands on formula. We’ll also save taxpayers money on health care costs when babies are drinking mother’s milk which prevents allergies, postpartum depression, obesity, types of cancer and other illnesses, plus enhances infant intelligence.(4) (Breastfeeding also reduces fertility, thereby preventing even more abortions…)(5)
  • We’ll need federally mandated paternity tests to find the man co-responsible for the baby and to ensure he’s paying child support for the entirety of the baby’s life. If he can’t pay, his family, next of kin, and eventually the government will need to pay. It ‘took two to tango,’ and the dance lasts 18 years.
  • And we should probably provide free birth control so that women can be sure to choose and monitor her own fertility once she has a baby.

Think we can provide this for all the women who are going through the emotional, often painful, life-changing decision about whether to have a baby or not? Well until we can, we’d better let women CHOOSE whether the time is right to bring their baby into this world.

As it now stands, women do not have adequate rights to be both loving mothers and equal members in society. The least we can do is give them the option to have an abortion.
No pregnancy is terminated without an emotional effect on the mother. Whether its a miscarriage, an abortion, or complications in childbirth that lead to the death of an infant, ask any woman and she’ll tell you she will never, ever forget that moment. It impacts them for the rest of their life.

I actually believe that babies come when they’re ready. If the mother terminates the birth, sometimes the baby soul can be offended and need some spirit-level prayers and healing love, but most of the time little souls understand and can come back once the mother is ready. There’s wonderful stories about toddlers, just old enough to speak, telling their parents how they remember being in their mother’s womb, leaving (due to miscarriage or abortion) and returning for the full-term pregnancy. You can read them in Women’s Body, Women’s Wisdom and Spirit Babies.

I’m pro-choice, without a doubt, but my plea is for the “pro-life” camp to look at the reality women face in today’s world and see that there are so many other social policies that would better support the unborn and newly born babies and the women tasked to care for them. Eliminating access to Planned Parenthood or the option to have an abortion causes so many more problems for an already unequal world.

If the “pro-lifers” put their energy into fighting for some of the above policies instead of lobbying to take away women’s access to our own health care decisions, abortion rates would go down and we’d be one step closer to a more equal, love-filled world.

For further reading on abortion from the baby’s perspective, check out these two books (click the icon):

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